Take Off Your Coat

Take Off Your Coat

A Christian man and an atheist walked among the slums of India during a dark, cold, rainy night. They viewed the poverty, the despair, and the anguish on the faces of the desolate. They watched as the rain turned the road into mud and the clay and mud mixture made the road almost impassable. The feet of the locals trying to sell their meager products were now cold, muddy, and blistered. Trucks drove through going way too fast and people scurried out of the way as fast as possible.

A child huddled under his mother’s arm as she tried to fend off the rain. They sat under an awning and did their best to stay warm. The small child cried out in the cold and wanted nothing more than to be warm and dry, but the water on the ground found its way to his feet and legs. The Christian man looked into the mother’s eyes and saw despair. She wanted to warm her child and make him feel safe. But she couldn’t.  She could do nothing but pull her child closer and hope for the rain to subside. She softly began to sing a song of comfort to her child…a song that she had sung a thousand nights over. A song of hope was all her soul had to offer.

The atheist looked around and grew angry. He looked up at the sky and yelled, “How could there be such poverty, hunger, despair, and pain if there is a God? Why do people suffer as they do? Why is this child not taken care of? Why must this mother sing a song of hope while having none? Why is there is so much pain and suffering in this world?”

The Christian man bent down, took off his coat, wrapped it around the mother and child, and said, “I am afraid God will ask me the same question.”


Take off your coat, Christian.

The world is hurting and dying.


Take off your coat, Christian.

The world has a Savior and He died for them.


Take off your coat, Christian.

The thing that an unbelieving world finds so hard to believe is Christians who speak of love but deny HIM, and those He loves, with their very actions.


If you are the mother, sing a song of hope.

God in heaven sent His Son to die for you.

His people will come and share the hope found in Jesus with you.


Take off your coat, Christian.


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