Lynn Keller

Lynn Keller

Lynn is the secretary in charge of data entry for attendance and bible correspondence lessons, pulling reports to compile list of visitation need for our visitation group,  plus for elders awareness of attendance, distributing mail (incoming and outgoing) for our bible correspondence ministry, administrator of the Pitney Bowes postage machine. She also orders all supplies for lessons etc. for bible correspondence and sends out emails to prayer group and announcements for midweek service.

Lynn has taught the 2 yr olds for the past 25 years and also the 1st grade for the past 2. She has also served as an interpreter for the deaf during services and songs for 20 years.

Lynn has worked for the Faith Village church for over 10 years. She loves to paint landscapes and do gardening/yardwork. She also loves her family and assists in bringing at least 10 great grandkids to services on Sunday and class on Wednesday night.

Financial Secretary
Brenda Swinford
Receptionist/Communications Coordinator
Maggie Haws

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