Care Portal

Care Portal

Care Portal - Every church doing a little
Care Portal – every church doing a little

The Caring Ministry of Faith Village Church of Christ conducts a program in conjunction with the State of Texas Child Welfare Services. The program is called “The Care Portal”. State agencies like Child Welfare Services are now able to enlist the help of “faith based” organizations such as local churches for certain needs that a family requires for the children to remain in the home with the parents or other guardians such as grandparents who are caring for the children. These needs could include beds for the children or a crib or baby bed for an infant or possibly an electric bill to be paid before the electricity is turned off. If needs like these are not met then Child Welfare services have to remove the children from the home.

The Care Portal program is run by volunteers who are not state employees but work in conjunction with the child welfare system to try and meet family needs so that the children can remain in the home. Faith Village is one of the local churches that have signed up for The Care Portal program. When a need arises, contact persons with the various churches are contacted by email with a description of the need. The contact person in turn makes their congregation aware of the need. If the congregation is able to meet the need then the church contact person responds back through the Care Portal system and the child welfare worker in charge of the case works with the church contact person to meet the family’s needs.

This is a great opportunity for the Faith Village congregation to help people in need to the glory of God. It will also be an opportunity for outreach to the community. Faith Village Church of Christ will be introduced to the families and they will be invited to the Faith Village services. Home bible studies and bible correspondence courses will be offered.

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