• 4100 McNiel Ave. Wichita Falls, Texas 76308

  • Faith Village Church of Christ


Dr. Dale Manor, a world renowned archaeologist and professor of Bible at Harding University will be with us for a series of presentations we are calling “Revealed”. Dr. Manor travels to Israel every summer, to his own “dig site” where he excavates and researches archaeological history of not only ancient Israel, but other nations of antiquity. In his trips to Israel, Dr. Manor has discovered many artifacts which prove biblical records. In these lessons, Dr. Manor will discuss how archaeology proves the Bible in numerous ways.

As we know, Christianity is struggling in America. Not only are people disinterested in religion, they don’t understand why faith matters. Many claim the Bible isn’t true and refuse to believe. Apologetics defends truth every time, yet this seminar will provide a defense in a different, hands on way.



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