My sister has one of the most unique writing styles that I have ever seen. She can make letters look like they took hours to write out. It is the most intricate, detailed writing that I have ever seen. And it is absolutely beautiful.

I’ve always admired this about her as I know that it took her a long time to learn how to write in that fashion. Now, it is only a matter of seconds and her pen tip flows forth the most beautiful, eloquent calligraphy one would ever see. It’s highly impressive to behold. It reminds me of the old men I used to watch in the parks in China as they drew in chalk on the ground or in the sand. As they stood holding a long stick or rod gently in the hands, they would draw out some of the most intricate Chinese characters. With each stroke of the stick, or brush, you could see a lifetime of practice and discipline emanating from the flick of their wrists. Then, without warning, they would brush over and then start again. They would do this for hours and I would sit there mesmerized by this discipline.

As it pertains to me, I am not known for my writing ability and my calligraphy is atrocious. I write in all caps and most of my letters slur together. Calling it a doctor’s handwriting is giving doctors a bad name. It’s bad.

I’m not always known for writing slowly and my writing is my own style. While my writing style is not wrong, it is definitely different. It is not southern. it’s foreign. I feel myself a cultural oddity within an ever changing landscape.

Having said all of this, calligraphy, or the way we write out our story, brings me to think about this “new beginning” here at Faith Village and these thoughts of calligraphy resonate within me.

Thus, I have spent these past few years thinking about the great masters of calligraphy and how perseverance, patience, discipline, and hard work are what allowed them to become masters. While the hard work and perseverance are nothing new to the “church”, we are not so good at the patience part. It is the discipline of consistency that we struggle with. It is thinking long term and looking to the future.

So, as we embark on this search for a better calligraphy (both in life and ministry), I simply ask for your patience as we seek maturity and discipline in this Faith Village Youth Ministry. I want this ministry to flow forth the most beautiful calligraphy of Christ to the world. I want teenagers who come and visit at Faith Village to be able to “read” Christ through our every action. I want to learn how to morph each and every teen into a beautiful “character” that emanates Christ to all. It is such a blessing that we have already had so many “masters” who, by their very lives, instilled a great calligraphy into our history at Faith Village. I crave a new generation that will continue the written story of Faith Village and that it will be written in the same “hand” as those who came before us. The beauty of saying all of this is that God is that Grand Master who can and will use the strokes of his brush to make us into a beautiful sentence, structure, and story.

What a beautiful story we have to tell and we must tell it in the most eloquent of ways…..our lives.

It is going to be something to behold.


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